How to do wall decoration? 10 to 15 ways to go

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How to do wall decoration? 10 to 15 ways to go

How to decorate the wall?

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We decorate the house with letters but never even look at the wall to see how it is. Today we talk about the same and know how we and you decorate the walls of your house, and give it a new and beautiful look.

So let’s know how to decorate the wall?

Pay special attention to

Brick work

Brick walls are a beauty in themselves. It has been observed by many people for a long time that brick walls look very decorative. You should not get plaster done on them, but get their stripes filled, so that a new life comes to the wall. If you want to make the wall more decorative, then you paint the brick on the brick in the same color. Which will make your brick wall look great.

Concrete wall

Concrete walls are very beautiful to look at. You must have seen in many places that concrete is pasted with cement on some parts of the wall of the houses. Due to which a new life has come in the wall of the houses. With these concrete walls, there is less chance of dust coming inside the houses. Because dust and soil make their place in the empty spaces of these concrete. You can color the concrete area.

Wooden panels

Wood panels allow you to create an eco-style design indoors. They allow you to get the effect of a house from a bar and create a favorable microclimate in the room. Wooden panels are thin slabs of a log house, processed so that over time insects do not start and cracks do not appear on them.

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Plastic panels

High-tech interior allows you to make plastic panels. They remove the need for leveling the walls, create a pedantic cleanliness of the wall canvas, and also protect the wall from destruction. Plastic panels can have different textures, which allows them to create an imitation of stone, wood, fabric, etc.

A natural stone

One of the most expensive ways to cover walls is with natural stone. For these purposes, thin plates are used, creating the effect of masonry of an old palace. Such walls will be pleasant to the touch and amenable to wet cleaning.

Wall hanging chandelier

Chandeliers are used to decorate many places, but in that also you have to find the right and cheap beautiful chandelier so that both the wall and your house can look beautiful.

There are two types of chandeliers hanging on the wall, one is the chandelier which only decorates the walls of your house and the other is the chandelier which is called light chandelier, these chandeliers run with light.

Paper decorations

You can make unique designs by decorating paper, people who give paper (newspaper) in the trash can also use those newspapers to make some new artwork and decorate them.

For that you can watch this video.

Paper crafts can help you beautify your home. You can make a lamp and paint it and hang it on your wall, this will really make the wall of your house look very beautiful.

Wall hangings

Nowadays many types of new bouquets are available in the market, you can bring the bouquet you want for your wall. But finding the best bouquet among them also takes time, let us help you with this.

If you are looking for a bouquet for the bedroom, then find a bouquet that gives a romantic feel, such as a heart-shaped bouquet or a bouquet with a couple. And if you want to get a bouquet for any other part of the house, then you can select another. We have made a list of some good bouquets, you must see it once.

How to decorate your wall in low budget?

You can also decorate your wall in a low budget. Middle class people or anyone who lives in a rented house, they mostly move towards low budget.

We tell you with what things you can decorate the walls of your house in a low budget!

  • You can decorate the wall in a low budget by making new artwork from paper.
  • You can decorate it with a chandelier.
  • You can decorate the wall by applying 3D wallpaper.
  • You can decorate it by putting a nice painting.

Wall painting design

Everyone knows that a picture tells a thousand words. A room or space looks empty without any pictures or art.

A small painting is enough to make a place look good, it adds a lot of life to that place, otherwise that place does not look empty.

Nowadays, only machine-made materials are used to design and reconstruct our homes. But there are many more that we call art, such as 3D painting, spray painting, wall mural art, hand painting, canvas painting and abstract painting etc.

Many home owners believe that wall painting art can be done only in commercial places like hotels, malls and drama schools, but this is not true. If you are willing to add vibrancy and uniqueness to your room, the result will be 200% satisfactory.

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Home decoration flowers

When Akshar works at home or when he lives in the city, then the man’s mood gets spoiled due to the dirt outside. He longs for some fragrant place and then those flowers of your house come in handy which give a lovely fragrance and freshen up the mood completely.

Yes, it is believed that there is less space in someone’s house or there is no place to keep flower pots, but still we tell you the names of some such flowers which can be kept in any small corner of your house. Are.

Plants that grow in full light: – African Daisy, Zinnia, Begonia, Petunia, Gazania, Freesia, Cyclamen etc.

Plants that require partial light : – Salvia, Cineraria, Dracaena, Ficus, Shatavari, Cycas, Singonium etc.

Shade-loving plants: – Araucaria, Maranta zebrina, Philodendron, Ficus, Monstera, Diffenbachia, etc.

Plants for windows:- Euphorbia, Bougainvillea, Thunbergia, Anthurium etc.

Plants for hanging baskets:- Begonia, Fern, Singonium, Kalanchoe, Pangea, Petunia etc.

Wall decorated with 3D wallpaper

Nowadays, instead of paint, mostly 3D wallpaper is being used in homes. Because it is cheap and it also saves time and does not spread that much stuff here and there.

3D wallpaper looks great on the walls. It helps to give a new look to the walls of your house, whenever a guest comes to your house, you will not leave without praising it.

We tell you the design of some 3D wallpapers, which you can also buy on Amazon.

how to decorate the wall

This is a 3D wallpaper which has a brick like design, it will look very beautiful in appearance, you can see it on Amazon, you can buy it.

This is a stone design 3D wallpaper which will make your home very beautiful. We are sharing this product with good customer rating with you. So don’t worry about the product how it is.

Exterior wall design

Plaster wall finish

exterior wall design

Plaster walls and ceilings can be designed to achieve a rustic and vintage look for interiors and exteriors. While stucco walls are appropriate for modern interior spaces, they look great if used for outdoor spaces such as patios.

How to decorate your wall in 5 thousand rupees?

A common man first looks at his budget, then buys any item, whether it is ration or any other item of the house, and when it comes to decorating the house, they look at the budget first.

So today we will tell you some such things up to 5 thousand rupees, so that even a common man can decorate his wall.

  • Paintings
  • Chandelier
  • designer watch
  • Book Store (Stand)
  • wall hangings

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Questions to ask

What is the texture of the wall made of?

Wall textures are created using a variety of techniques with simple paint strokes, rollers, stencils, etc. These may include materials such as stone, sand grains, gypsum etc.

What is the difference between texture and pattern in interior design?

A pattern is a visual element consisting of the repetition of a graphic shape on a surface. On the other hand, texture refers to the surface or quality of a material, i.e. smooth, rough, shiny, etc.

How to decorate the walls?

You can decorate the walls with 3D wallpaper and you can also decorate your wall with a good painting.


In this post, know how to decorate the wall , and how middle class people can easily decorate the walls of their house in a low budget. And some questions have been answered which remain in the mind of the people.

Disclaimer : Till the time of writing this article these products were available on Amazon , after that if they are not available then www.HomeDecore24.Com has no responsibility whether it is available on Amazon or not.

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