3M Settles Earplug Lawsuit, Pays $253 Million

BY: Sandeep Bishnoi

Earplug Justice

3M Pays Out $253 Million to Vets for Faulty Hearing Protection

Long Battle Settled

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5-Year Lawsuit Ends with Compensation for Hearing Loss

Thousands Impacted

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30,000 Service Members Receive Initial Payments

Part of Larger Settlement

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$6 Billion Deal Brings Closure to Many Veterans

Payouts Still Unclear

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Individual Amounts Remain Undetermined

Company Response Awaited

3M Yet to Comment on Latest Development

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Faulty Earplugs, Lasting Damage

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Defective Design Linked to Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Looking Ahead: Seeking Resolution

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Hope for Closure and Continued Fight for Justice

Article credite:- cbsnews.com

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