The Ultimate Guide to the VA Statement of Service

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The Statement of Service plays a crucial role in the application process for a VA (Veterans Affairs) loan. It serves as a key document that provides essential information about a borrower’s military service, which is used to determine eligibility and calculate certain benefits associated with VA loans. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Statement of Service, its components, significance, and how it impacts the VA loan application process.

What is a VA Loan?

A VA loan is a mortgage loan program designed to help veterans, active-duty service members, and eligible National Guard and Reserve members become homeowners. VA loans offer numerous benefits, including lower interest rates, no down payment requirement, and relaxed credit score requirements.

Understanding the Statement of Service

The Statement of Service is an official document provided by the military that outlines essential details about a service member’s active duty. This document verifies various aspects of the service member’s military career, including the entry date, current rank, duration of active duty service, and any impending separation or retirement dates. Lenders use this information to assess the borrower’s eligibility for a VA loan and to calculate certain financial benefits, such as the VA funding fee.

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Components of the Statement of Service

Service Member Information: This section includes the borrower’s name, rank, Social Security number, and date of birth.

Unit Information: Details about the service member’s current unit, location, and duty status are provided here.

Service Dates: This portion outlines the start date of the service member’s active duty, which is crucial for determining eligibility and benefits.

Anticipated Separation Date: If applicable, the statement will also include the expected date of separation or retirement. This information is essential for calculating benefits accurately.

Commanding Officer’s Information: The name, rank, and contact information of the service member’s commanding officer or personnel office representative are often included.

Significance in the VA Loan Process

The Statement of Service acts as proof of the borrower’s military service, which is a fundamental requirement for obtaining a VA loan. Lenders use this document to verify the applicant’s eligibility and to calculate the VA funding fee – a fee that helps sustain the VA loan program. The fee varies based on factors such as the borrower’s down payment amount, type of service, and prior use of VA loan benefits.

Obtaining the Statement of Service

To acquire a Statement of Service, service members must request it through their respective branches’ personnel offices. Different branches have their formats for the document, but all should include the necessary information for loan qualification.

How do I get my military statement of service?  

To obtain your military Statement of Service, contact your branch’s personnel office. Provide your personal details and request the document. Ensure it includes your service dates, rank, and anticipated separation date if applicable. This crucial document validates your military service for various purposes, including VA loans.

Why do applicants need a va statement of service?

Applicants require a VA Statement of Service to confirm their active duty military service. This document verifies eligibility for VA benefits, including loans. It outlines service dates, rank, and separation plans, aiding lenders in assessing qualifications accurately. 

What happens if you don’t qualify for a va loan?

If ineligible for a VA loan, borrowers must explore alternative financing options. Traditional mortgages require higher down payments and might have stricter credit criteria. It’s crucial to research and consult lenders to find the best-suited path to homeownership based on individual circumstances. 


What is the statement of service for va loan? 

The Statement of Service for VA loans is an official document detailing a service member’s active duty military service. It includes information like service dates, rank, and anticipated separation date. This document verifies eligibility and aids in determining benefits, particularly for the VA loan program.

What are the two types of VA claims? 

The two types of VA claims are Compensation Claims and Pension Claims. Compensation Claims seek benefits for service-related disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. Pension Claims are for veterans with limited income, providing financial support based on wartime service, age, and disability criteria.

What are the different types of VA claims? 

There are various types of VA claims, including Compensation Claims for service-connected disabilities, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) for survivors of veterans, Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for severe disabilities, and Pension Claims for low-income wartime veterans. Each claim addresses specific circumstances to provide appropriate benefits and support.


The Statement of Service is a critical document for individuals seeking to utilise the benefits of a VA loan. Its detailed information about a service member’s active duty helps lenders assess eligibility and accurately determine financial benefits. Aspiring homeowners with a military background should ensure they provide a well-organised and up-to-date Statement of Service to streamline the VA loan application process.

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