Yellowstone National Park: Building swept away amid record flooding and park closure

Yellowstone National Park will remain closed to visitors through at least Wednesday due to dangerous flooding conditions, which have prompted park evacuations and left some in surrounding communities.

The park announced Monday afternoon that all park entrances were closed to visitors, citing "record flooding events" and a forecast of more rain to come.

"Our first priority has been to evacuate the northern section of the park where we have multiple road and bridge failures, mudslides and other issues," Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly said .

North of the Yellowstone, several cities in Montana's Park County are also experiencing extensive flooding, which has washed out bridges and roads, making it unsafe to travel.

"The river has never been this high before by my house," said Elizabeth Aluck, who lives in Gardiner in Park County. She cannot evacuate because the roads and bridges around her home are washed out.

"The water levels were high on Saturday but within the past 10-12 hours things have gotten rougher, Our way out of town would be north on 89, but those roads are currently all underwater."

The Yellowstone River, which runs through the park and several Park County cities, swelled to a record high Monday due to recent heavy rainfall from melting snow in higher elevations.

As several roads and bridges are rendered impassable by floodwaters, park and county officials are working to evacuate whoever they can and provide support to those who are unable to leave.

Multiple communities in Park County are isolated and surrounded by water, including Gardiner, Cooke City and Silver Gate, an update on the county Facebook page said. 

In June, precipitation across northwestern Wyoming and southern Montana has been more that 400% of the region's average, according to Miller.