Specialist's Take: Who will be next quarterback to land Deshaun Watson-like completely ensured agreement?

Kirk Cousins kicked off something new by marking the NFL's most memorable rewarding completely ensured veteran agreement as an unhindered free specialist in 2018.

The Vikings gave the quarterback a three-year, $84 million arrangement worth up to $90 million with motivations

which made him the association's most generously compensated player at $28 million every year.

The expectation was Cousins' arrangement would be the impetus to additional completely ensured agreements in the NFL.

The entryway Cousins opened immediately closed with the following two quarterbacks who finished paperwork for more than he.

Matt Ryan turned into the NFL's first $30 million-every year player several months after the fact. The five-year

$150 million agreement expansion Ryan got from the Falcons had NFL records of $100 million in by and large assurances and $94.5 million completely ensured at marking.

Aaron Rodgers supplanted Ryan as the association's most generously compensated player that preseason. He marked a four-year