'The Flash' Release Still a Go Despite Ezra Miller Scandals, Warner Bros. Disclosure CEO 'Exceptionally Excited'

"The Flash" film featuring Ezra Miller is as yet a go, regardless of the entertainer's various outrages this year.

"We have seen 'The Flash,' 'Dark Adam' and 'Shazam 2,'" said Warner Bros.

Disclosure CEO David Zaslav during the organization's Q2 income approach Thursday.

"We are exceptionally amped up for them. We've seen them.

We think they are dynamite, and we want to make them shockingly better."

Mill operator, who played Barry Allen also known as the Flash in 2018's "Equity League"

furthermore, the 2021 Zack Snyder cut, has been at the focal point of various

debates in regards to supposed oppressive way of behaving.

These claims remember gagging an Icelandic person for a bar and irritating one more lady in her home in Berlin.