What The Final Shot Of Uncharted Really Means

The Uncharted film imparts a to some degree tenous relationship to its computer game source material

however, its last shot indicates a fascinating turn of events.

With the film at long last arriving on Netflix, fans who didn't get it in auditoriums are logical encountering 

Uncharted's post-credits scene for the absolute first time. 

The Uncharted film fills in as a free variation of the Uncharted computer game establishment

with Tom Holland featuring as Nathan Drake close by Mark Wahlberg's Victor Sullivan.

The film fills in as a prequel of sorts to the computer game establishment

laying out how its rendition of the characters initially met — and retconning various parts of the first story all the while.

The artistic freedoms that the Uncharted film takes with its source material considered a story that regarded the games without being genuinely devoted to them.