UFC 277: Sergei Pavlovich beats Derrick Lewis with disputable TKO in only 55 seconds

Sergei Pavlovich got a monstrous success on Saturday night at UFC 277, however not every person is cheerful about it.

Pavlovich got his success over Derrick Lewis with a TKO that took short of what one moment

at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. It denoted Pavlovich's fourth consecutive knockout win.

Pavlovich came out hot immediately, and handled a few gigantic blows right to Lewis'

head prior to forcing the untouched KO pioneer into a tight spot in the Octagon.

Out of nowhere, subsequent to handling a couple of additional shots to his head, Pavlovich sent Lewis to the cold earth face first.

Normally, Lewis was unsettled and begun fighting the decision very quickly.

He didn't appear as though he had been taken out, and the session endured just 55 seconds.

The battle, notwithstanding, was finished. Pavlovich won his fourth consecutive match, and third of the year, to get to 16-1 all-time.

Miragliotta's call to end the session early didn't sit with numerous in the UFC world.