Little Liars: Original Sin's First Major Victim on That 'Absolutely Bizarre' Death in Episode 2: 'I Was Terrified'

History rehashes the same thing in the second hour of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, 

as another Millwood High School understudy tumbles to her awkward passing.

Permit me to lay the right foundation: Upon eliminating herself from the running for Spirit Queen

Karen means to pull an exemplary Carrie by dropping a can of "pig's blood" on Imogen during her delegated second.

Just Karen never will see her arrangement work out as expected,

since "A" gags her out in the rafters and drops her cadaver onto the dance floor beneath.

Discuss a school soul, eh? … What, too early?

"It was the primary thing that we did, and it was the subsequent day on set," Bechtel tells TVLine of recording her personality's enormous passing scene.

"I was alarmed, on the grounds that I realized I needed to run up as Kelly. That is the very thing I was extremely apprehensive for.

It was so right off the bat simultaneously. The characters hadn't been lived in. Yet, truly,

I was happy. It resembled ripping the Band-Aid off with this insane, turbulent second. All the other things after that felt like a breeze."

Presently, we should rapidly recap what finishes Karen: first off, we discover that Kelly is liable for transferring the deception about Imogen and Greg's kiss to her sister.

furthermore, that Imogen has been in control of the person's telephone from that point onward.