Julianna Pena made a beeline for plastic specialist after UFC 277 battering from Amanda Nunes

At UFC 277 last evening (Sat., July 30, 2022), Amanda Nunes reclaimed the ladies' 135-pound belt with a strong exhibition that saw "Lioness"

thump down Pena on various occasions right off the bat in their battle (watch features here). However, there was no completion

only 25 minutes of discipline, which will require an outing to the plastic specialist for Pena.

UFC President, Dana White, shared the subtleties during the UFC 277 post-battle question and answer session .

"Definitely, Julianna has a major piece missing from her temple," White said.

"She will see a plastic specialist at the present time. Carve out opportunity to mend and afterward I don't have any idea.

She got pretty beaten up this evening. It was like five or six knockdowns in the initial two rounds.

She was harmed. She wants to go on vacation and unwind, invest some energy with her girl, and afterward we'll go from that point."

The single word that continued to come up in White's survey of the battle was, "prevailing."

"I thought it was totally prevailing," he said. "There were five knockdowns in the initial two rounds....

There's a major contrast between accommodation endeavors and knockdowns. It's not even similar.