Nicole Hazen, spouse of Arizona Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen, kicks the bucket at 45

The Arizona Diamondbacks declared on Thursday that Nicole Hazen

the spouse of head supervisor Mike Hazen, kicked the bucket Thursday at 45 years old.

The group reported that she kicked the bucket from inconveniences connected with glioblastoma, an interesting type of malignant growth.

She is made due by her significant other, Mike, and their four children, Charlie, John, Teddy and Sam.

"Nicole carried on with her life and cherished her family with wildness and dedication," the Hazen family said in an explanation.

"She went through each day in the help of others as a mother

spouse and instructor supporting for goodness. From our family, we remain perpetually appreciative for the love

backing and irregular thoughtful gestures gave to us throughout the previous two years and four months.

We could never have had the option to stroll down this street, with her, without the assistance and liberality of our local area.