"This could delay now into the normal season" - NFL expert expects Deshaun Watson administering to be changed

On Monday, Judge Sue L. Robinson declared her decision in the Deshaun Watson case.

It was likewise declared that the quarterback had one common claim left to settle.

After hearing the report about the decision and the last claim, many accepted this 18-month adventure was at its end.

Nonetheless, one NFL investigator guaranteed that, rather than a finish to the story, it just denotes the finish of a part.

At the end of the day, the story is nowhere near finished. Talking on the Around the NFL web recording

NFL investigator Marc Sessler inferred that such a large number of switches remain unpulled for this to act as the end. This is the way he put it:

"Six games [was not] a stunning outcome. Well, a many individuals were somewhat placing it in that zone as a genuine chance.

Yet, it's a mistake since I consider the way that you have DeAndre Hopkins, [who was suspended] six games for peds."

"You have somebody like Josh Gordon, who missed 25 games for partaking in weed. It simply looks lopsided to all of that.