Murphy on Failed PACT Act Vote: Did Republicans Decide to Take Their Anger Out on Vulnerable Veterans?

WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Thursday took to the U.S. Senate floor to hammer Senate Republicans for hindering section of the Honoring our PACT Act

regulation to extend medical care benefits for veterans. The bill spent last month by a vote of 84-14,

in any case, one more vote was expected after the House of Representatives followed up on a somewhat changed bill to address a procedural mistake

on Wednesday night the Senate took a decision on the remedied bill, which bombed by a vote of 55 to 42.

"Various Republican and Democratic lawmakers here, the House and the Senate, cooperated to foster something many refer to as the PACT Act.

This is noteworthy regulation, many years really taking shape, that gives veterans admittance to medical services for openness to poisonous synthetics

openness that comes through being exposed to military consume pits," Murphy said.

Murphy spread out the potential clarifications for Senate Republicans having changed their votes to overcome the Honoring our PACT Act,

"The more altruistic clarification is that 30 Republicans just adjusted their perspective. That three weeks prior they thought it was a decent bill

helping veterans was smart, and after three weeks they concluded that it was anything but smart.

That they would prefer to spend that cash on another person rather than our most weak veterans."