In the modern NFL, $2.2bn won’t stop the Chicago Bears

The city of Chicago has tossed its significant weight this week behind an endeavor to keep the Bears at Soldier Field

the NFL group's base starting around 1971. The noteworthy arena, the most established in the NFL

may in all likelihood be in its finals days as the Bears' home.

The previous fall, the group's possession agreed on a rambling 326-section of land site in the Chicago rural areas.

there are a reiteration of calculated, monetary, and legitimate circles the two sides should support.

In the event that the buy is to be sure settled, Bears fans will be in for a gigantic change.

While fans can depend in their group's quarterback battles going on always and forever

changing homes from an artifact saturated with NFL history to a cutting edge office a long way from the city's heart will be a personal change.

For Chicago inhabitants, it presents calculated difficulties too.

The Bears' proposed new home is 30 miles from Soldier Field in Arlington Heights, close to O'Hare air terminal.