Miranda Lambert fans defend country singer against body shamers

Miranda Lambert's fans are showing up in large numbers to protect the down home music star against web savages disgracing her body.

A video showing the "Tipsy (And I Don't Wanna Go Home)" vocalist, 38, performing in front of an audience advanced toward TikTok recently.

As a few web-based entertainment clients brought up, Lambert showed up "blissful and sound"

while entertaining the huge group in a realistic tee, denim shorts and cattle rustler boots.

Fans are shielding Miranda Lambert against online body shamers.

However, certain individuals — generally men — wanted to remark on the performer's body, dropping jokes like, "Miranda HAMbert,"

"Miranda Lamburger" and "Mealranda Lambert."

Others didn't attempt to mask their impolite comments with humor, as they encouraged the Texas local to "blend in a serving of mixed greens" and "go to the gym."

Then, obviously, there were the savages who said her ex, Blake Shelton, "avoided a disaster" when he sought legal separation in 2015.