Super Millions tickets available to be purchased in Friday's $1.28 billion drawing

The $1.28 billion bonanza for Friday's Mega Millions drawing is presently the second most noteworthy in the lottery game's

20-year history and the country's third-biggest lottery prize.

Why it makes a difference: Americans have bet countless dollars on lottery tickets simply in the beyond two days

catapulting a U.S. lottery big stake to more than $1 billion for just the fourth time ever, Axios' Felix Salmon composes.

The July 29 big stake is valued at $747.2 million in real money in the event that taken as a singular amount installment rather than the annuity choice 

The bonanza merited an expected $1.1 billion Thursday however lottery authorities refreshed the numbers Friday.

Condition of play: If nobody wins the Mega Millions big stake Friday, lottery authorities said the award might actually develop

to $1.7 billion for the Aug. 2 drawing, which would make it the country's biggest lottery prize.

Where to buy Mega Millions tickets online

Uber Millions tickets are accessible to purchase online in 10 states and Washington, D.C.

New York likewise has a membership to buy tickets on the web.

Different states with online deals are Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

As a rule, you really want to live in one of these states to purchase a web-based ticket yet in "all cases you should be truly

inside their nation when you make any web-based ticket buys," the Mega Millions site says.