Kanye 'Ye' West Tributes Sean 'Diddy' Combs: 2022 BET Awards

By Homedecore24

The rapper didn't walk the honorary pathway, he showed up in front of an audience to honor Sean "Diddy" Combs who got the Lifetime Achievement Award at the current year's function.

Following the discourse, a few craftsmen met up to respect Diddy with an essential exhibition at night.

During his participation at the entertainment ceremony, Kanye was seen wearing a full-inclusion facial covering, shades and a baseball cap alongside a dim calfskin coat.

In his discourse, the rapper considered his kinship with Diddy throughout the long term and furthermore kidded about his bombed marriage with Kim Kardashian.

He said, "I go to him for exhortation right up 'til now. He rouses so many of my decisions, so many of my life decisions. My significant other decisions. Gratitude for that, Puff."

West further proceeded to see the value in Combs adding, "This man has experienced [and] endure a great deal of stuff and separated a ton of entryways so we can stand

he separated such countless entryways of inequity, taste, loot. Puff, assuming that I never let you know I love you, no doubt about it."

Kanye in his discourse likewise talked about the different names that Diddy has gone by throughout the long term and said, "You could know him as Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs.

However, while it's hitting a specific point, I thought toward its finish, everything is love — every last bit of it. The sum total of what we have is love. In Jesus' name, bring out Love."