How not to discuss Deshaun Watson's six-game NFL suspension

It has become well known, directly following a NFL authority giving Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson

an incredibly short six-game suspension regardless of many sexual unfortunate behavior allegations against him

to contrast his suspension with other past offenses and think that it is humorously pitiful.

Six games for Watson? Vontaze Burfict lost two times as many games for brutal on-field hits.

DeAndre Hopkins missed precisely that many games for follow measures of PEDs found in his framework.

Josh Gordon and Darren Waller missed an entire season each for partaking in weed.

Tom Brady, rather broadly, was suspended two less games for emptying footballs to make them simpler to toss and catch.

How is that possible? Is the NFL saying that those offenses are less serious than supposed sequential lewd behavior?

Yet, obviously, the NFL isn't saying that. What to recall is that the NFL is saying nothing.