Elon's Tesla Turmoil: AI, Ownership, Challenges

BY: Sandeep Bishnoi

Elon Musk's Push for More Control at Tesla

Controversial CEO Links Ownership Increase to Ambitious AI and Robotics Goals

Musk's Ownership Demand

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Elon Musk insists on gaining another 12% ownership in Tesla for enhanced control.

Tesla's Current Revenue

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In 2022, 95% of Tesla's revenue came from automotive activities.

Musk's Vision Beyond Cars

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Musk expresses discomfort growing Tesla in AI and robotics without increased ownership.

Musk's Influence Dilemma

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Musk aims for 25% ownership, acknowledging vulnerability to shareholder decisions.

Dual-Class Voting Structure

Musk suggests a dual-class voting structure, akin to Facebook, for increased control.

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Challenges and Controversies

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Tesla faces challenges – declining stock value, Musk's alleged drug problem, and resource diversion.

Tesla's Robotic Endeavors

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Musk showcases Tesla's advancements in robotics, demonstrating potential applications beyond automotive production.

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