Dick Cheney calls Trump a 'quitter' in promotion for girl's re-appointment

Previous Vice President Dick Cheney, in a promotion delivered Thursday to support his

little girl Liz's re-appointment crusade, targeted Donald Trump.

Cheney gazed straight into the camera in the 60-second promotion and thrashed the previous president as a "defeatist."

"In our country's 246-year history, there has never been a person who is a

more noteworthy danger to our republic than Donald Trump," Cheney said.

"He attempted to take the last political decision involving falsehoods and savagery to keep himself in power after the electors had dismissed him.

He is a quitter. A genuine man wouldn't deceive his allies.

He lost his political decision, and he lost huge.

I know it. He knows it, and where it counts, I think most Republicans know."