'Projectile Train' Might Be the Worst Movie Ever Made

'Slug Train' includes the most terrible gathering of terrible acting at any point gathered in a solitary film, says Rex Reed.

There is likewise a toxic snake.

At the point when you think you've seen the most obviously terrible film made, along comes a heap of harmful material called Bullet Train.

It's an activity thrill ride about a multitude of immense professional killers generally attempting to kill one another

on the popular streamlined wonder that movements 320 miles from Osaka to Tokyo in only a couple of hours,

costs $90-billion to fabricate, and charges $132 for a one-way ticket.

Throughout a wearisome and irreproachably painful two hours and six minutes

this detestation of a film kills off nearly everybody installed as well as wrecks two of the world's most wonderful trains too.

As motion pictures go, it is disgusting, terrible, savage and vomitous. "As far as it goes is only the start" is the kicker for the promotions.