Breonna Taylor: US police charged over shooting passing

Ms Taylor was killed in her home in Louisville, Kentucky, on 13 March 2020 by casually dressed police who were executing a "no-thump" court order.

The clinic laborer, 26, was shot as officials raged the condo soon after 12 PM while she was with her sweetheart, Kenneth Walker.

Her demise ignited racial unfairness fights around the country.

Government specialists say that three of the four officials plotted to distort the capture warrant that prompted Ms Taylor's demise.

Just a single official engaged with the strike - previous Louisville investigator Brett Hankinson - had been recently charged over the case.

He was the only one of the four prosecuted on Thursday who was available at the location of Ms Taylor's shooting.

Mr Hankinson, who discharged 10 shots during the strike, was cleared by a jury recently of imperiling

Ms Taylor's neighbors when a portion of the shots he discharged entered their home.

Different officials charged by the Department of Justice are Joshua Jaynes, likewise a terminated official, and serving officials Kelly Hanna Goodlett and Kyle Meany.