Ayman al-Zawahiri: Shock in Kabul as US kills al-Qaeda pioneer

Theory twirled around who or what had hit this "vacant house" in Sherpur.

It is a local which became infamous throughout the course of recent a long time for its pompous multi-story estates

taunted by Kabul inhabitants as the fortress of degenerate warlords and authorities

an ostentatious image of the crown jewels of a terrible conflict.

Kabulis called it Choorpur, the town of criminals. The Taliban assumed control over a portion of the vacant estates

near a few high-walled Western government offices, which likewise closed when the Taliban assumed responsibility.

With each day, new bits of this puzzle surfaced: of a potential strike on an Islamic State target

the utilization of a US drone which brought up considerably more issues; the inclusion of US powers on the ground.

The secret finished from the beginning Tuesday morning.