Alex Yee wins marathon gold in Birmingham's most memorable award occasion

Yee upset a 16-second shortage to pioneer Hayden Wilde in the 5km run and the New Zealander was then allowed a 10-second punishment for a progress blunder.

Bermuda's Flora Duffy shielded her ladies' title, seeing off England's Georgia Taylor-Brown.

Beth Potter told BBC Sport she was "humming" in the wake of completing third to guarantee Scotland's most memorable award.

"I have been chipping away at my bicycle this year and it is paying off," she added. "It was a genuine objective to get a decoration this year."

Taylor-Brown leads the world rankings this season, yet she went too far with a remorseful grin and a salute for Duffy

who by and by demonstrated most grounded when there was a significant decoration on the line.

Olympic hero Duffy, 34, conveyed a regularly keen race, overpowering Potter,

Britain's Sophie Coldwell and Canada's Emy Legault with a flood off the front of the main bicycle bunch.

Taylor-Brown tracked down the additional stuff to follow, however continuously disappeared on the run as Duffy kept the strain and the speed high.

Taylor-Brown completed 41 seconds hapless.