100 Years of Norman Lear associates ponder working with the TV legend.

TV as far as we might be concerned couldn't exist without Norman Lear. All through his 70 or more years in the business

the author and maker brought points like prejudice, fetus removal, separate, drug use, and destitution to ideal time.

General outlook characterizing shows remembering All for the Family, The Jeffersons,

Each Day In turn, Maude, and Good Times expected to engage and teach while countering the developing conservative Christian impact on showbiz during the '70s and '80s.

Today, Lear stays as productive as could be expected, creating unique series and movies,

rebooting his most prominent hits, guaranteeing narratives, and every so often acting.

July 27, 2022, marks Lear's 100th birthday celebration. To commend this achievement, 19 of his companions and associates

counting entertainers, essayists, makers, and leaders — shared their #1 accounts of his interminable creative mind and interest

readiness to break limits, feeling of reasonableness and nationalism, and, obviously, wicked funny bone.