How to Make a Garden On the Roof? How to Make a Garden at Home

Have you thought about how to make a garden on the roof of the house? So let us tell you how you can prepare your dream garden in your small house or whatever your house is.

Make a Garden On the Roof
how to make a roof garden

If you want to make a garden (garden) on the roof of your house, then, first of all, you need to know whether you want to put a garden in the place where you want to make your garden or not.

That is, whether the roof where you want to make your garden is capable of bearing the weight of that garden or not.

So that when you grow your plants or vegetables, then when you give that water to these plants, there will always be moisture on the roof, so you should first take care of this.

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1. First you should arrange a pot for your garden

How to make a garden on the roof? To make a garden or grow vegetables on the roof of your house, you should first take 3-4 pots for them so that you can put sand, soil, and manure inside them and sow the seeds in them, so that water will not accumulate on your roof.

This is one of the best ways to avoid dirt and mud on the roof because if you grow the vegetable directly on your roof, then while pouring water, there will be mud all-around your roof

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2. Now prepare a table

Make a Garden
How to Make a Garden On the Roof

Tables will be useful for you to keep your vegetable pots so that space will also be saved, you can also grow many types of vegetables in these pots like tomatoes, peppers, okra, and spinach.

3. How to prepare the soil for gardening on the terrace?

You have completed the arrangement, now we prepare the soil for gardening on the terrace, this is a simple method, it is much easier than you think, collect the soil in your pot and later if dry cow dung on it If possible, mix it in that soil.

Because this is the only fertilizer that can prove to be very beneficial for your vegetables.

If you do not have the arrangement of manure, then you can prepare the compost in this way, you should collect the dry waste which is only in your surroundings and mix it in your soil, and pour water on it.

Keep in mind that the waste should be in a little more quantity and water should be continuously poured on it for 4-5 days so that the dry waste can be compostable.

Then you can put the seeds of your vegetables in it and it will also be edible, naturally, you can eat pure vegetables without any spray at home.

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4. How to bring water to your plants or vegetables

By the way, reaching water on the roof is not a difficult task, for this, a small water motor is enough, which can easily reach the water on the roof. But for this, you will need a large pipe from your motor to the garden of the roof of your house.

So let us further answer all these questions of yours, so that how to do garden on the roof of your house or farming on the roof of your house? We answer all these questions.

  • rooftop kitchen garden
  • Method of growing vegetables on the terrace?
  • How to make a garden in front of the house?
  • How do roof farming?
  • How to plant trees on the roof?

• Rooftop Kitchen Garden

Do you also want to put a kitchen on your terrace and a garden near it, then yes, this is the right decision, but you may also suffer some loss from it, so let’s first of all what are its advantages.

Whenever you cook food, cool cold air will reach your kitchen and the fragrance of flowers and vegetables will be very attractive to you, so that you will enjoy working in your kitchen, but if seen, its damage is nothing special. But some caution has to be taken.

Look at the damage caused to you, where trees, plants, vegetables are all there, there is a possibility of mosquito, insects, etc. you have to take care of yourself

Do not panic, there is a treatment for this, whenever you cultivate vegetables on your roof, they also get many medicines in the city to avoid these insects so that you can protect your vegetables.

• Method of growing vegetables at home

You can easily grow vegetables at home, for this you will need soil, a pot, and a water pot so that he can manage the space on your roof so that dirt will not spread on your roof.

You first take a pot, first, you put soil in it and after that, you add manure, then even if you want to grow vegetables, such as tomato, okra, chili, etc., sow the seeds of whatever vegetable you want to grow in it, then you can use it regularly. But give water and your vegetable at home will be ready in a few months.

• How to make a garden in front of the house?

The Garden in front of the house decides how much space is in front of your house so that the garden can be prepared in a good way, but there is no need because the garden can be prepared everywhere.

You have to first arrange the grass so that the soil of the garden can be hidden in front of your house so that every view can be seen. Or plant other small trees.

On the other hand, if the garden is big then you can plant big plants in it. If you want to know more about this in detail, then how to decorate your garden? You can read this article, we have explained it to you very closely.

• How to do farming on the roof?

These days, chemical vegetables are grown, as you all know, now it comes in the middle that if you want to eat your own grown vegetables, then how can you grow it, then, first of all, you have to choose that place of your terrace. Where the sun stays for at least 5 to 6 hours before work

There you can easily grow your vegetables on your terrace and you can cultivate them.

what do you need for this

• Soil

• A pot to hold the soil

• Vegetable seeds

Make a Garden On the Roof
How to Make a Garden On the Roof

And now you can grow them legally with water.


And after all this a pipe that can water all your vegetable plants.

Make a Garden On the Roof
How to Make a Garden On the Roof

• How to plant trees on the roof?

Even if your roof is strong, still you cannot plant a big tree on your roof, because for this only a garden is needed which is resting on the earth because if you are thinking of planting a big tree on your roof then For this he would need a huge sand dune which might not be possible on the roof.

Because when the tree is big, then its roots will also be big below, if the roots are big then how will it take its place on the roof, so it will end before it grows up, so plant big trees only below.

Now your question was how to plant trees on the roof? So the answer is that you have to take small trees which are also good for the roof so that it does not weigh too much if you use a bigger pot, it will look very beautiful.