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How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks

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How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks
How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks

How to Keep the Toilet at Home Clean and Fragrant? Go 5-7 Hacks

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How to keep the toilet clean? Indian toilet is different from how the western toilet is cleaned differently. How to keep the toilet not smelly? After how many days toilet should be cleaned?

It has often been seen that we clean the house, but only a few people clean the toilet and if they do, they clean the toilet very late, today we will tell you how you will keep the toilet clean and What will you do so that it smells fragrant?

After using the toilet often, bacteria, etc. come in it, and some people remain careless in this too, if your toilet smells bad and there is dirt lying here and there, then you understand that you are careless, you need to clean. are not aware.

And if you do not clean your toilet, then the bacteria that grow with it can prove to be a threat to your family.

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how to keep toilet clean
on how to keep the toilet clean

Even when you know such an important thing that you should keep the toilet clean, still you become a lap. Now you will say that we clean the toilet every day. But you know that the Bruce with which you clean your toilet Is the same Bruce dirtying your toilet?

If you do not understand, then tell us how you clean your toilet properly and how you can spread good fragrance in it so that the smell of the toilet does not reach your nose. What are the items with which your toilet can be cleaned?

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Items to clean the toilet (What are the things needed to clean the toilet)

Toilet Cleaner Product List

• Toilet Bruce

• Toilet Cleaner

• Cloth or paper napkins

• Gloves

• mug or bucket

• Water

There are also 2 types of toilets, we will tell you about both, how you can keep them clean.

1• How to Clean Indian Toilet Gutter

First let us talk about the Indian toilet which is present in every home, and can be easily cleaned and can be used easily.

Indian Toilet
Indian Toilet

• First, if you have placed something around the commode, then remove it because if something falls into the gutter by mistake, then the hole of the gutter can also be closed, which will cause you trouble, then keep in mind that there is no object near the gutter. If there are children in the house, then they can drop that object in the gutter.

• Put harpic or any other toilet cleaner around the commode and spread it with a brush. Now you keep putting the harpic or any other cleaner in the upper parts of the side of the gutter and pour it all around so that the pit of the gutter Cleaner can reach easily in it. Put a little harpic around the pit so that the accumulated mail can be cleaned.

• Now leave it like this for 10-15 minutes.

• Now you rub it completely with a brush so that all the bacteria are cleaned from the gutter, now you can clean the gutter by pouring water in it, which will make the gutter completely clean.

In how many days should the toilet be cleaned?

• No matter how much attention you urinate in the Indian Toilet, then a few drops of urine fall out, due to which it smells a lot later.

After flushing the gutter gets cleaned inside but not outside because the droplets of urine start stinking. Therefore once a day pour plain water and brush over it.

• Cleaning can be done once a week by adding a cleaner, if it has become too dirty, you can clean it before.

We have talked about the first toilet, now let’s talk about the second toilet, which is known as Western toilet.

2• How to Clean the Western Toilet

how to keep toilet clean
how to keep toilet clean

This is the western toilet, which can be opened and can be closed and you can do your daily work only by sitting on it.

• If there is anything left around the gutter, remove it

• Run the flush and apply the cleaner all the way around the gutter and also pour the cleaner on the hole inside the gutter.

• Leave the cleaner inside and out

• There may be some spots inside the thump, on which apply a cleaner and rub it with a brush so that the clump can be cleaned.

• Now wait 10 to 15 minutes and then run the bruce and your gutter will be clean.

thing to note

• If you are urinating in the western toilet, then urinate only by lifting both the seat and the seat, because not doing it on them, urine will splash on it and whenever you sit for the toilet, those dangerous bacteria will stick to your body. Always keep this thing in mind.

• Make sure to flush the gutter after using it.

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Spray disinfectant ( Harpic ) instead of water on the edges

It is a bit difficult to clean the gutters in the edges but you can make it easy, you have to put the harpic on the edge for a while and after waiting 10 minutes clean it again which will clean the mess completely.

keep the toilet rim clean

Spray a disinfectant on the toilet rim as it also harbors dirt and bacteria. Apart from this, take a brush that can clean it properly. For this you can use a useless tooth brush. Be sure to wear gloves while cleaning.

Now if the toilet is completely clean, then flush it and keep in mind that while urinating and going to the toilet, flush the toilet properly so that the toilet does not stink.

Do toilet bruises make your toilet dirty too?

Yes, your toilet bruise also makes your gutters dirty, how? Whenever you clean your gutter, you put harpic in the gutter, but that bacteria goes directly to your bruise. You don’t wash and you clean your throat day after day.

Next time you clean the gutter by putting a harpic on the bruise at the end or you can keep it overnight by putting a little harpic in a bucket of water.

How to keep toilet (gutter) smelling?

There are many such products available in the market by which you can spread the aroma in your gutter, you can use them to spread the aroma in your gutter. This does not mean that you will not clean the gutter, only this will work. You must first The gutters have to be cleaned and then the aromatic Vastu has to be used.

Use it to scent your gutters and bathroom Click here

toilet cleaner

The name of toilet cleaning medicine is Harpic, which you can buy from any grocery or general shop near you, if you want to order it online sitting at home, then click on the button given below.

The toilet is clogged what to do?

This problem comes to everyone, this problem comes due to pouring water, due to which the stool gets stuck inside and the toilet gets clogged, to get rid of it you have to take hot water and pour it into the pit of the gutter, so that slowly This problem will go away.
If this recipe is not working, then you will have to do this work with the help of acid, keep in mind that acid is not to be poured without water, mix water and pour it directly, if the acid becomes even a little too much then your gutter may crack.

What is the easiest way to clean gutters?

You can clean it easily with the help of a gutter harpic.


How to clean the gutter and because of which the gutter is more dirty, go to this post. How to clean the toilet and how Indian toilet and western toilet can be cleaned if you know about this If you liked the post, then do comment below and if this post how to keep the toilet of the house clean and fragrant? If you don’t like it, tell us about our shortcomings, we will try to improve.

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