How to Decorate the Temple of the House? Let’s Go 10-12 Ways

How to decorate the temple of the house? Let’s go 10-12 ways. We adopt many methods to decorate the temple of the house, especially at the time of Diwali, we mostly decorate the temple of the house, to decorate the temple, first of all we clean it so that it looks clean and later we give it to Diwali. Time decorates and furnishes it. According to the belief, Lakshmi ji resides in the house where the temple is decorated neatly.

Decorate with Chunari

Chunari used for worship is available in everyone’s house, after its work, people either throw it in water or keep it back in the cupboard at home. Can be used to decorate.

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Marble Temple Design

Marbal mandir for home
Marbal mandir for home

Marble temples look really great, you must have seen most of the temples of today’s era, which are made of marble only. They are very beautiful, you can also get a small marble temple built for your home like this. It should be very beautiful in appearance and which is also small for the house.

You can also buy marble temple online or you can get it built in your favorite design.

wooden temple (home temple design)

wooden temple
wooden temple

Wooden temple is a very great idea, it can be designed in many ways to bring work to the temple of your home, you can see their photos on the internet and you can shape them exactly like them, which will be very wonderful. It will also be cheaper than a marble temple.

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You can decorate the wooden temple with lights, which you can put around the temple, you can also try to decorate the temple with flowers because God loves flowers, you can make a garland of flowers and put it on the temple. You can wash the lamp in which the flame is lit daily or you can clean it with sand.

Decorate the temple with flowers

There can be no other way than flowers to decorate anything and when it comes to the temple, brother, you should definitely choose it. Make a garland from flowers or take a garland of flowers from the market and hang it by making a thread on the temple or you can decorate it by placing flowers of different colors in the four corners of the temple.

small temple design

small temple design
small temple design

This is a small temple which you can keep anywhere in your home or office, it also has small bells on it.

How to decorate the temple at home?
How to decorate the temple at home?

This is a great design of a small temple of a house, which is quite beautiful, there are also two drawers under this temple, in which you can keep your worship material. You can also close it but the temple should always be open. I should believe this.

How to decorate the temple at home?
How to decorate the temple at home?

It has also been given a great design of this temple which is looking very beautiful in appearance.

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Wall mounted temple (home temple design)

Not in the house, but in the office, there is always a need for a temple on the wall, because in the office the temple is kept not below but above, if you want to use it for your home also, then you can also bring the temple at home. Huh.

Deewar par lagne Wale mandir
Deewar par lagne Wale mandir

This is a simple look small wall mounted temple which you can put anywhere in your home or office.

Deewar par lagne Wale mandir
Deewar par lagne Wale mandir

This temple is a little big, in it you can install the idol of three Gods as shown in the photo.

I hope you have liked these wall mounted temples, if not then you can see them on Amazon .

temple wall decoration ideas

It is not necessary that the temple of everyone’s house is big, so how should it be decorated, if your temple is small or big, then what we are going to tell you today, you can also apply on the big temple or small temple of the house.

If you have to change the background of the temple, then you can give yellow color to the wall behind the temple or you can also give it saffron color because these colors are a symbol of peace and saints also use this color cloth. .

You can write a big on the wall or put a photo of it, which will look very beautiful, along with you can also use lighting, so that the wall of your temple will look very beautiful (beautiful).

Decorate your home temple with paper craft

If you want to decorate your temple with paper, then you can decorate your temple with them, you have to bring colorful paper from the market and you can make a thread by giving different designs on them and hang it on the temple. Children can easily do this as well as they will be entertained.

Laxmi ji’s feet and swastika

You can stick the feet of Lakshmi ji on the gate of your temple, it looks very beautiful, you can use it during Diwali.

How to decorate the house of worship?

Today we will tell you how you can decorate the house of worship, that too in your budget.

• Decorate the temple with flowers: – You can hang garlands of flowers in the temple or you can spread flowers inside the temple so that the temple will look very nice.

• Rangoli of Flowers: – You can make a wonderful rangoli of flowers in the temple or near the temple, on which you can also give a new look to it by placing a lamp.

• By coloring the pots: – You can decorate the earthen pots by applying color to them and you can keep them near the temple, you can also light a lamp inside the pot, it will make a very great look.

• Decorate with Lighting: – You can decorate the temple by lighting it, even if the lighting will be colorful or you can use the lights according to you.

• Decorate the temple with a lamp: – You can decorate the temple with a lamp, it has been going on since the olden days, the lamp in the temple becomes a part of the real decoration of the temple. So you don’t do the rest, definitely bring a lamp.

• Decorate by lighting a candle: – You can also use a candle around the temple, this will keep the beauty of the temple.

puja room doors design

https://www.youtube.com/embed/XATNLeuUBs4?feature=oembedtemple room door designs

In this video you can see different types of door designs which can be used for puja room.

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temple decoration accessories list

  • water in the pot
  • Sandalwood
  • intact
  • flower
  • Roli (which can be fixed on the forehead)
  • sunshine
  • Lamp
  • Moli (which can be tied on the wrist of the hand)
  • bell
  • shell
  • gangajal


How can I decorate my house of worship?

You can clean your worship house and decorate it by placing flowers in it, the idol of God also works to decorate the temple, so you choose a beautiful idol of God to keep in the temple.

How can I clean my house of worship?

You can clean the house of worship, that too daily and don’t let the soil freeze.

What should be the color of the house of worship?

You can keep the color of the house of worship white, light yellow and orange.


You must have probably known how to decorate the temple of the house and at the same time you must have seen how the temples are installed on which wall and you also saw the list of materials used in the temple, if you liked this post or yours. If the post helped a little, then do give your opinion by commenting below.

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