How To Decorate The Ceiling With Designer Lights?

How to decorate the ceiling with designer lights?: If you are talking about decorating the house to make it look beautiful, then how do you decorate your ceiling with designer lights? Know about it also because the lights of the house also contribute in decorating the house and making it beautiful.

Before decorating the roof of the house with lights, also see that you have decorated your house , because if it is not decorated then what is the use of lights.

First of all, you should read those ten things in which we have told that you can decorate your house with which type and with what items.

Now let’s come to how you can make the ceiling beautiful with light, although there are many lights in the market which help a lot in decorating your house, but today we talk about how you can make your own light by applying lights and using any light. Can play a small role in making the house beautiful.

Slow light or simply a low light light can make your house very beautiful, because the light with more light fills your whole house with light, but whenever you put slow (light) lights in your house, then they Looks really beautiful.

You can put this light in your dining table or in your hall, it is really a very beautiful light which will provide slow light in your home and you can enjoy your food comfortably in this light light.

Now let’s talk about how you can give a new look to your house with different lights so that even the visiting guests can not stop without praising you . And how you can make a decoration light from different lights. Let’s know.

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• How to make a decoration light

First of all, you have to decide how you want to decorate your home with the brightness of the light such as led light, or chandelier light or any other light that you want to make.

We give you a list in which different types of lights have been told, from which you have to choose how you select the light to decorate your home.

How to make decoration light at home, that too easily by watching the video given below, you will know completely because you will be able to understand easily on the video how you can make light at your home and how to decorate the house .

• Rotating Light
How to decorate the ceiling with designer lights?
How to decorate the ceiling with designer lights?

Rotating Light This light is used in characters dj, nightclub and any other program, it is round in appearance like a candy, you can take different types of lights in it.

Their light falls far away and only they are lit in the party so that parties can enjoy.

How to decorate the ceiling with designer lights?
How to decorate the ceiling with designer lights?

You can use this light for decorating in your home, it is a projector type light which you will see its light on the wall.


How to make decoration light?

In this video you are shown how you can make decorative lights for your home using jute. That too at very low cost Would you like to try it?

Bazar Decoration Light Price V/S Home Decoration Light Price

• Bazaar Decoration Lite Price

We and all of you know that the light we bring from the market is very expensive and sometimes the price is above the budget, which a middle class guy does not even think of buying it.

Talking about their price, sand ranging from good quality light to medium quality light comes between Rs 1000 to 10000 thousand, which is visible, a middle class person will not be able to buy it.

The same if you make decoration light at your home, then it will cost very less and it will look very beautiful in appearance.

Let us tell you how much you can make it at your home. Read the list below.

Goods Price

jute 100

holder 20

bulb 20

wire 50

Total Expense 190

So now you must have come to know that in which there is more expenditure and in which the lights which you bring less, they come designed according to your own and you can design it yourself which you make at home by hand.

And the light designed by own hot from home is very beautiful too, although the market is also beautiful, it is not so bad, but we are talking about good lights in the cost of work, then you do not understand Lena to city light. If not good, their quality is not good.

That too is a good quality light.

Today we have talked in this post that how do you decorate the ceiling of your house with designer lights?

And how to make decoration light at home so that you can also know how easily you can make designer light at home . If there is any shortage on this post or you like this post, then definitely comment below, and share the post. Do share with your friends.