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How to decorate house for Diwali?

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How to decorate house for Diwali? How to decorate house for Diwali? How to decorate house for Diwali?
How to decorate house for Diwali?

How to decorate house for Diwali?

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How to decorate home on Diwali. You also have the same question that how to decorate house for Diwali? So first of all know that India is a country of so many festivals, different types of festivals come here every year, and they are also shared a lot by the people and not only this, foreign tourists also come here, to celebrate the festival of India. See their disappearance in which a Diwali also comes.

On Diwali, people are very themselves and clean their homes, clean their shops and wait for the coming of Diwali with great enthusiasm, and decorate their homes and shops in a very nice way, so come today we We also talk on this topic that how do we and you decorate the house for Diwali?

1. Deepak (Dia)

How to decorate house for Diwali?
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What if someone tells you to sing a song without a melody or sing a song in a melody but with no melody or someone asks you to listen to it, it will feel boring, just like if you don’t light earthen lamps in Diwali. Diwali will look faded.

You have to put earthen lamps in every corner of your house, so that you will be able to give a natural look to your house, you can also sing them on the roof of your house.

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2. Light

How to decorate house for Diwali

You can use different types of lights to decorate the house on Diwali, so that your house is completely lit up with light, you can use these lights on the outer walls of the house, if there is any in the house, by hanging it on it. So that your house can look like decorated, rest you can use those lights according to your own.

How to Decor Home in Deewali

3. Candle

How to decorate house for Diwali?
How to decorate house for Diwali

You can also decorate Ghaha with candles on Diwali, you can use it on the windows of the house, on the doors, you can use candles of different colors so that your house looks colorful and it is attractive to the guests who come. It will take

You can become deserving of even more praise by making good food for the guests, brother why not deserve praise, Diwali comes only once in a year and on this day also you are not entitled to your praise and decoration of the house. Then never again, decorate the house like a new bride is getting ready.

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4. Rangoli

How to decorate house for Diwali

Brother is Diwali and it is not possible that Rangoli is not made in the house, Rangoli is made in the courtyard of the house on the day of Diwali in every house, so that Mother Lakshmi can be pleased and her grace remains on you, then you also want that If the grace of Mother Lakshmi remains on you, then you can also make Rangoli in the verandah of the house or at the entrance of the house.

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5. Flower Decoration

You can make a flower rangoli in the courtyard of your house or you can bring a garland of flowers and hang it around the entrance of your house, which will give a very good look to your house, you can use these flowers which Rose flowers, marigolds and other flowers that you like.

6. Torna and Kandeel

How to decorate house for Diwali

Toran and candles add to the moon in Diwali, what do you really know that how beautiful and beautiful torans and candles are found in the market so that you can celebrate your Diwali by decorating your house with great pomp.

7. Decorated entrance

No matter who we are and you, if the entrance of the house is not decorated well in Diwali, then Diwali will not be fun and your Diwali will look faded, so today we have solved this too, so let’s first talk about flowers. I can hang flower garlands near the entrance of the house and you can decorate the entrance of your house by making a beautiful rangoli below.

You can also light diyas near the entrance so that a different look will be seen.

How to decorate the wall on Diwali?

If the wall is also bad, then the mood becomes gritty, then if you want to decorate the walls of your house on Diwali, then first of all you should paint your walls so that if the color of the wall is faded. So they start shining all at once, secondly you can make a new design on your wall and on the day of Diwali, if there is a wall outside, then you can put lamps on them and if there is a wall inside the house, then you can put any sticker or any on them. You can decorate them by applying painting .

How to decorate the temple on Diwali?

On Diwali, you can spread different types of flowers around the temple, and you can decorate it by lighting a lamp around it . I started looking really beautiful.

How is Diwali celebrated?

You can decorate Diwali in many ways like lighting diyas, making rangoli, lighting different types of lights and decorating the flowers in the house. You can decorate Diwali by cleaning the house before Diwali. You can decorate Diwali by washing or washing it with soil.

diwali decoration accessories list

This is some list which is useful in the decoration of Diwali, I hope you will be of some help, if you like it then you must write your opinion in the comment below and share it further with your friends so that they too Decorate the house on Diwali.

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