How to decorate a small kitchen? Know 5-10 Ideas

How to decorate a small kitchen? Know 5-10 Ideas

How to decorate a small kitchen? How to keep stuff, how to keep salmon in less space, how to make kitchen, how to decorate small kitchen in low budget, list of salmon useful in kitchen

Nowadays it has been seen that due to rising inflation, the common man cannot buy or build big houses, so because of this his house becomes small and our kitchen also comes in it, and now it is time to decorate it. A common man can decorate it in a very beautiful and beautiful way in his budget.

How are items kept in the kitchen?

How to decorate a small kitchen? Know 5-10 Ideas
How to decorate a small kitchen?

To keep things in the kitchen, you will first need a Kitchen Drawer so that you can easily keep your things in it and it also saves a lot of space, so that your kitchen does not feel too full and clean and empty starts looking good.

As shown in the above photo, how should you keep your spice boxes in a straight line in a systematic way so that your kitchen looks beautiful.

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How to keep more stuff in less space in the kitchen?

In less space in the kitchen, you can use more items in the kitchen drawer so that a lot of your stuff can be accommodated in it. To keep utensils, you can put a wall stand on the kitchen , on which you can keep your food and drink utensils on it.

normal kitchen items

List of Kitchen Items – Kitchen Ke Saman Ki List In Hindi

1. Cooking Spices

• Cumin

• Shoff

• Celery

• Fenugreek seeds

• Little Long• Cardamom

• Coriander

• Asafoetida• Rai

2. List of pulses in the kitchen

Every person uses lentils and pulses should also be used. Because lentils contain a lot of protein. Which helps in making your body fit. That’s why you must use pulses in your life. Which pulses can you use, and which pulses can be kept in your kitchen. Its complete information is provided below.

• Moong Dal

• Chickpea lentil

• Urad Dal

• Moong peel dal

• Black Chana Dal

• Rajma Dal

• Pigeon Pea

• White Gram

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3. List of Kitchen Utensils

Spices, pulses, breakfast items are there in the kitchen. But in the kitchen, the need of utensils increases mainly for making vegetables, making dishes. It is very important to have utensils in the kitchen. Because without utensils you cannot cook any dish or anything. It can be said that if there is no utensils in the kitchen. So that kitchen is of no use. No matter how many spices and other items are lying in that kitchen, but you cannot do anything with them. Given below is a list of essential utensils in the kitchen.

• Empty bowl

• spoon


• small spoon

• Sieve

• knife

• World

• Bucket

• Box

• Scissor

• Oakley

• Gas stove

• Microwave

• Matchbox

• Rolling pin

• returned

• wooden spoon

• Tray

• Pressure Cooker

• Chakala


• Sandasi

• Embroidery

• Peeling Knife

• Spud

• big spoon

• Griddle Pan

• Bhagaula

• Gas Cylinder

How to decorate your kitchen in low budget?

You can give a new look to your kitchen by lighting it well, you can keep a small vessel to keep fruits in it, in which you can keep some fruits and you can also keep 2-4 small pots so that it smells good. Also stay in the kitchen and look beautiful.

How to decorate your kitchen in 10 thousand rupees?

By the way, even 10 thousand rupees is a lot, if you talk about decorating a small kitchen, then you can do it in this.

By putting posters on the walls, you can make them beautiful and you can give a new look to your kitchen by placing small things in it, we tell you some items so that you can easily decorate your kitchen for 10 thousand rupees.

Mom’s Tavern

Kitchen related stickers on the wall

small pots

candle holders

With all these small things, you can decorate your kitchen, which is possible even in 10 thousand rupees.

How to decorate the counter top of a small kitchen in a rented house?

If you are living in a rented house and you want to decorate your kitchen counter, then you should take small items only because whenever you shift to another house, you will have trouble in changing the items and you will do this again and again. Will get upset.

So bring only small items so that your kitchen counter looks beautiful and there is no stuffy stuff, so let’s share the list of small items with you!

Small pots, mini stands (which can hold spoons), great designer stickers on the wall .

All this that we are sharing with you is all available online, so you do not need to think much, just write your goods and you can get all your goods from Amazon, Flipkart.

How to decorate your kitchen with kitchen drawer?

Kitchen drawer It is used to keep small items of your kitchen, it has the advantage that a lot of free space is saved in your kitchen, it comes in many types, you use it to give a good look to your kitchen. .

They come in different designs, you can see them –> Click to see Kitchen Drawer

Those who do not have a drawer in their kitchen, how can they decorate their kitchen?

Those who do not have a drawer in their kitchen, they make their kitchen items in small kitchens, which are of little use or you say that they do not come, you can decorate your kitchen with them, you just have to search mini product for Kitchen Decorate .

Shop on Flipkart (Also buy from Flipkart)

kitchen accessories

Q.1 How should the kitchen be made?

Ans. If you believe in Vastu Shastra, then you can build the kitchen according to it or if according to you, if your house is big, then you can also make a little big kitchen so that if there is any work or any function in the house, then more in it. People can sit

Q.2 What items are needed in the kitchen?

Although many items are needed in the kitchen, but still let me tell you that there are utensils, knives, spices, matches and many types of items which are needed in the kitchen, if you want a complete list then it is written above, Do read it.

Q.3 How to keep more stuff in less space?

If there is less space in your kitchen or your house and you want to keep more items in it, then you can use kitchen drawer in the kitchen and you can also take a stand for keeping utensils in the kitchen,
you can keep the cupboard in the house and nowadays a lot. Such items have come from that which can allow your home to keep more stuff in less space.

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You read on this post how to decorate a small kitchen? Along with this, how to keep more items in the work place of life and also saw the list of items used in the kitchen.

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