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How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind!

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How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind! How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind! How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind!
How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind!

How Should the Dining Room Be? Keep These Important Things in Mind!

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Almost every house in the city now has a dining room, the time is gone when people sit down and eat, all people now eat at the dining table in their dining room, and only a few people are left who sit down at home. Let’s eat food. The dining room is called the dining room in Hindi.

Today we talk about how you decorate the dining room of your house as well as what things according to the object that you should keep in mind if you do not trust Vastu, then you should not read the topic of Vastu without Vastu. We will also talk about how we decorate the dining room.

Dining Room Design

dining room design
dining room design

This is a great dining room design on which you and your family can sit and eat together, the view outside is so cool and the trees and plants outside are looking very beautiful, so if you eat food, you will get a lot of comforts. The heart will find peace.

dining room design
dining room design

In this dining room, you will see a modern-day light on a ceiling which is right above the dining table and it is looking very good there, there is a plant near the dining table which gives a different look to the dining room.

dining room design
dining room design

In this dining room, you will get to see AC and fan and there is some painting on the wall, which is very good, if you want, you can also put photos of your whole family instead of those paintings, one thing you noticed is that the necklace of the dining room The table is placed near the window so that you can see the outside environment comfortably and eat in peace.

If you have a garden outside, then it is very good, to see that view, otherwise, let it be, what will happen outside, if you have a garden in your house, then definitely keep your dining table near the window, you will get comfort while eating.

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Dining room decoration

You can decorate the dining room in many ways, in which we will tell you some names so that you will be able to decorate your dining room.

• Planting Plants: You can keep a nice plant in your dining room in a corner, which will make your room look nice, if you want, you can plant a flowering plant, which will keep the aroma in your room, which will also keep your mood good.

• Good painting or photo: It is said that if someone sees himself in front of his eyes, then all the anger, all the stress, all the tiredness disappears, you can enjoy your whole family in your Dining Room or whatever you like the most. , you can put their photo, which you will feel very good seeing. Similarly, you can also apply any good painting which you like.

• Keep a good cover on the dining table: You can keep a nice cloth or a nice cover the table on your dining table, so that when you eat, the table is not dirty and the cover itself is spoiled, which you can easily You can also clean it, you can also keep fruits on the table.

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Modern Dining Room Furniture Designs

For the dining room you need a chair and table which you can buy from anywhere, you can see some dining room furniture designs.

dining room furniture
dining room furniture

This is a modern-day designer Dining Table on which some fruits are kept and 6 chairs are seen kept near the dining table.

Modern Dining Room Furniture Design
Modern Dining Room Furniture Design

The dining table is designed in a splendid futuristic design, on which you get a lot of comforts while eating, you will see 8 chairs on this table, if you want, you can also put such a wonderful chandelier above the dining table, which can be used for your Dining Room. Will make four.

This is the design of the modern dining room which you can see, there is a new age round shaped light on the wall with a mirror in the middle, and a painting is placed on the back of one wall which makes this modern designer room very beautiful. Makes good

Modern Dining Room Furniture Design
Modern Dining Room Furniture Design

The design of this Dining Table is quite spectacular, there is a glass on the table, which shoots right on the design of this table, 4 small chairs and one big chair are given in which there is a cushion.

Modern Dining Room Furniture Design
Modern Dining Room Furniture Design

The upper part of this table is made of stone and the lower legs are made of iron, the stone which we use tiles in the house is used on this table, this table of the smooth stone is also very good on this 8 people can eat food together.

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How should the dining hall be according to Vastu, so that the family will be happy?

1. In which direction do you face food?

The mouth should not be in the southwest direction while eating. Apart from this, care should be taken that the head of the family should not face south or south-west. According to Vastu, eating food facing south or south-west goes to the ancestors.

2. What to Put on the Dining Table

Different types of grains should be kept in a glass vessel on the dining table. According to Vastu, it is a sign of Annapurna, the goddess of food. Apart from this, fruit baskets, food items, or any kind of showpiece can also be kept in its place.

3. Where should the dining room be

According to Vastu, the Dining Room made in the west direction of the house gives auspicious effects, by eating in this direction, all the desires for food are fulfilled and nutrition is attained, due to which their health remains good.

4. Do not make the dining room in this direction even by mistake

According to Vastu, there should not be a dining room in the southwest direction of the house because Vastu defects in this direction harm the health, by sitting here and eating food, the body does not get any kind of strength and nutrition, due to which the body becomes weak. Huh.

* Placing a mirror in the east or north directions in front of the dining table increases the prosperity of the food.

TV should not be used while having food, but by mixing your five senses together, you should eat food with all the members of the house.


In this post, we learned how we can decorate the dining room, what things we should keep in mind, what should not be done and what should be done according to Vastu, also saw the design of the modern-day dining room. If you are satisfied with the post on Modern Dining Room, then share it further and if not, tell us by commenting below, we will be ready to help you.

What color should be in the dining room?

According to Vastu Shastra, such a color should be used in the dining room which is helpful in keeping all the members of the house connected. Sometimes important decisions are also taken during the meal because, at that time everyone is together, so it is very important to take care of the colors. According to Vastu, light green, pink, sky blue, orange, cream, or light yellow color is best in the dining room. Seeing the light colors, there is joy in the minds of those who eat food. But keep in mind that you should avoid getting black color in the dining room.

What’s in the Dining Room?

List of items in the dining room
• Fruits Fruits
• Dining table
• Chair with dining table •
Some utensils on the table
• Water

How to decorate the dining room?

The dining room is also related to the prosperity of the family so it should be big and open. Having the main entrance of the house and the entrance of the dining room face to face is considered auspicious from the point of view of Vastu. In the dining hall, the color of the ceiling should be white and the color of the walls should be light pink. Too dark bright colors which prick the eyes should not be used in the dining hall. Tables, curtains, cushion covers, etc. should also be of less dark color and lightweight. Due to this, the atmosphere of the dining hall remains pleasant.

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